Monday, July 28, 2014

Self Tanner

We didn't think we were going to make our annual trip to the shore this year, so I didn't bother trying to tan my legs with sun or self tanner. Then a week before the trip we found out that we were going.

No time to sun or use a gradual self tanner, I sent for an expensive quick acting one and also paid the ridiculous cost for faster shipping.

I heard great things about this product, so I was excited. I followed the directions. It didn't mention moisturizing before or adding moisturizer to the lotion. In hind sight, it may have helped.

At first I loved it. The color was gorgeous. Then I noticed the blotches... lots of them. Because I'm so white, the blotches were very noticeable. So I tried to "fix" them, which turned into different shades of blotches. It looked ridiculously funny.

From past experience with self-tanning errors, I grabbed my Sea Breeze and started rubbing. I tried to remove the darkest mistakes. Those areas turned into light-colored errors. So now I have white streaks, beige streaks and tan streaks.

In the end it didn't look too too bad. I'll just take the advice my mom always gave me in situations like this, "Walk fast, and no one will notice."


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