Friday, June 27, 2014

A great day

What an incredible shopping trip we had. We went to Kmart for a blanket.  Found the perfect blanket, plus a faux mink one on sale - just for fun. We kept looking around, and as Wayne went off looking at something, I turned and saw a box on a high shelf, my hands moved to pick it up so I could look at it and I saw the entertainment stand we had been looking for and kind of forgot about. Checked the measurements, yep perfect. Then Wayne said to follow him because he found somethingIt was an ottoman. I completely forgot about needing an ottoman for the den. It was, of course, the perfect size for our needs.
We continued shopping, finding bargain after bargain of things we forgot we had been looking for. As we approached the checkout with our overflowing cart, Wayne said, "There's only one checkout open." I said quite casually and confidently, "Another one will open." I barely got the words out and a checker yelled, "I'm opening over here."
Later that day, after running out for ice cream, we drove through Kulpmont, Shamokin and on to Elysburg. Not sure how many traffic lights that is, but we got every green light. At one point, I said to Wayne, "Did we get every green light?"  He said "Yep, and there's one more yet." Sure enough, as we got closer to it, the red light turned green. 

What a day!


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