Friday, September 19, 2014

Cove Haven Poconos 2014

We got there around 9:30 a.m., so of course, our room wasn't ready. We didn't expect it to be. Off to the dining room for breakfast. There we dug into some scumptious foods from the buffett table. Wayne went up for seconds and came back with a large cereal bowl full of bacon. I'm not kidding. For those who know us well, you know that we eat a lot of brown rice, chicken and veggies as well as spinach salads. So when we're on vacation… Oh my!
With full stomachs it was on to play time. SkiBall, ping pong, and bocci ball at the Sports Palace. I won the first game of bocci ball. Then I won the second game. Wayne is not a good loser. He said we had to play until he won. Fortunately, it only took two more games. Yes, I won the third too.

We then went to the Morris & Obie Café where I won a game of air hockey. I was on fire. But he did win the second game. We didn't have my finger and arm protectors with us, so we didn't get to do any archery. We did shoot a few baskets on the indoor court. Well, Wayne got a few in. I shot one. It took me so long, I was totally wiped out! So we decided to take it easy for awhile.
We made our way to the Lookout Lounge and had a beer overlooking beautiful Lake Wallenpaupak. Out to the outdoor bar, Tan Lines, for another beer. There was a water gun competition going on. Contestants pumped up the power water gun and tried to shoot empty beer cans off of a table. It may sound simple and maybe even boring, but it was neither. Some very competitive people were involved. We decided to just watch. Next we thought we'd soak in the indoor hot tub for awhile. We didn't stay long because there was a bingo game coming up next. Bingo? Really? It's lots of fun. There are jokes and stories and with the resort being so packed, it was sure to pay big. But alas, we were not to participate. Because just then, Wayne's phone buzzed. Our room was ready! Bingo / pool in the room? Yep, we'll skip the bingo this time.

Moving on to dinner time. We met the greatest bunch of people. Bianca and Bruce from Queens, Geneva and Mike from New Jersey, and Erma and her husband (I think his name was) John from somewhere down south. I'm not sure where, because he talked about so many places he traveled as a truck driver and so many places they visited, I forgot. Bianca's husband never said a word to us. He smiled and laughed a lot, but only spoke quietly to his wife. The rest of us sure made up for him!
John and Erma told a story about a relative who owned a tire and auto repair shop. A friend dropped by and commented on how slow business was. The owner said not to worry about it and took off for a drive. The next thing people saw seemed to be that owner driving down the road waving at everyone. In reality, he was throwing nails out onto the road. Business really picked up that day. John and Erma only learned about the story at the man's funeral. There were so many stories and so much laughter at dinner that night, I'm not sure how many hours we sat there.

After dinner, Wayne and I went to the nightclub, the Champagne Palace. The band was very good, and so was the comedian, Carole Montgomery. There was also a little game between the paid entertainers that involved people from the audience. Billy O, the CXO (Chief eXcitement Officer) asked for five women to come up to the stage. The contest: Put an Oreo cookie on your forehead and using only your facial muscles, maneuver the cookie into your mouth. And hilarity ensued. Then Billy O asked for their husbands/boyfriends to come up. They were not expecting to be called up. This game involved balloons. Each couple had to blow up and tie three balloons. They had to put one between their chests and hug until it popped. Next, one person sits on a chair and puts the balloon on his/her lap. The other person had to hop onto the balloon facing the audience to pop it. The third balloon went on the lap, but the jumper had to face the one sitting. Oh, and they were being timed. The first couple did OK. One minute and 40-some seconds. And the game went on. Did I mention that hilarity ensued? One poor girl was so thin, the chest balloon just wouldn't pop. He picked her up, chest to chest, and swung her around as her short dress flew up, exposing her undies. One of the very competitive couples from the water gun competition blasted through all three in 45 seconds. And then came the last couple. They couldn't get the balloons blown up, and when they finally did, they couldn't tie them. The whole place, including the inept couple, was in hysterics.
Day Two: As we were waiting to be seated for breakfast, Bianca came running up to us and asked if they could join us. Oh hell yeah. Bruce actually did say a few words that morning. We had a fun, laugh-filled breakfast with them and two other couples.

Although the weather forecast called for dreary weather, Mother Nature had other plans. It was hot and sunny and beautiful. So after breakfast, we went directly to the Marina to enjoy a speed boat ride. It was great! A couple we met at our first breakfast was on the boat with us.  We stopped in at the Lookout Lounge and ran into Erma and John. We talked a little and said we'd probably see them around later.

After a quick game of pool (we both suck at that), we thought we'd go to the Gift Shop. As we walked past the tables and chairs on the lawn near Tan Lines, we heard someone shout, "Debra and Wayne." Erma, Geneva and their husbands. So we sat and chatted for awhile. I was dressed a bit warm for the boat ride, so we went back up to the room to change, since the temperature was rising quickly.

With the weather so unexpectedly beautiful, we decided to spend some time at the outdoor heart-shaped pool. We filled the cooler with beer, drove down to the ice machine outside the Lounge and as Wayne got back into the car to head back up to the room to change into swim suits, he said, "I think our gang is still over there." So we walked over, and there the four of them still sat. We talked and laughed awhile. After the beer was cold enough, Wayne pulled out some cans. There was an ongoing joke from the night before about Wayne always having beer so it was quite appropriate. The guys and I had some. Erma and Geneva were fine without it.

Talk somehow turned to cigarette smoking. Wayne and I talked about when we quit. Geneva quit when she was baptized. But John had the best story. His kids asked if they could please have a smoke-free Santa. He begrudgingly agreed to go to a hypnotist's seminar. He said he really had no intention of actually quitting. But that hypnotist really knew his stuff. John never picked up another cigarette. His kids then asked if they could have a booze-free Santa. He said no way was that ever gonna happen.

We sat there for several hours, having a fun, laugh-filled time. A few times our laughter got so loud we were drawing looks from everyone around us, including the Tan Lines bartender. There were many other activities we could have been doing - scheduled games, indoor archery, and all the other included sports and games - but we were having such a good time with the four of them, why leave? Time went by and we all had to get ready for dinner. We decided we would all meet.

None of us saw Bianca and Bruce during the day to invite them to join us. We did see them walk into the dining room. They were seated near a corner of the room, and no couples were seated with them. So we decided to ask if they wanted to join us. There were two open seats at our table. It turns out Bianca wasn't feeling well, and they had requested a private seating for dinner. Her stomach was bothering her, so I gave her some OTC pills. Geneva also told her that she had Alka Seltzer in their room and freely told her their room number. We had that kind of trust among us.

 After dinner, the six of us decided to take a twilight speed boat ride. We barely made in on time, but were put on the pontoon boat instead. The last speed boat just went out. It was nice - different from the speed boat, but nice. Afterwards, we talked for awhile, exchanged contact information and everyone hugged.

Next morning, Bianca came over to say good-bye. She had my contact information and said she'll be in touch.

The evening after we arrived home, Erma called to see that we made it home OK. I texted Geneva a few days later when they were supposed to be home. We exchanged a few more pleasant texts since then. Maybe we'll keep in touch. Maybe we won't. It doesn't matter. I'm sure none of us will forget the great time we all had together at Cove Haven in the Poconos.